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Dr. Tabatha

Dr. Tabatha has created this podcast for women. She wants to empower women to regain control of their body, their health, and their life. She became pregnant and dropped out of high school after 11th grade, only to discover her purpose in life. Surprisingly, she went on to get her GED and become an OB/GYN physician. She has spent the past 25 years studying human physiology and everything that encompasses women’s health. She has had many of her own health issues along the way, which lead her from the world of conventional medicine into the worlds of functional medicine and wellness.She is passionate about educating you on healthy diet and lifestyle choices to get back to where you belong- being joyful and thriving. She explains, "I am doing this because I want to empower you to take control of your body, your health, and your life. There is only one of me and so many of you. I find myself saying the same things over and over in my office, realizing that I could have a greater impact if I started reaching the masses. We are all unique in how our bodies respond and react, but there are many basic principles that hold true for everyone. I want to share that knowledge with you. I’m passionate about helping you understand what is normal and natural and what is cause for concern."She explains that the purpose of her podcast will be to bring you the latest information from the world of wellness and functional medicine because they are at the forefront of science, studying the microbiome, environmental toxicology, nutrition, and epigenetics. She will be covering many topics and explaining women's normal phases of life (puberty, the menstrual cycle, the reproductive years, perimenopause, and postmenopause.) She will discuss how our diets, lifestyle choices, and environment affect our hormones and contribute to disease. Some topics will be hormone imbalance, stress management, weight gain, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, the effects of hormonal birth control, pelvic floor issues, nutrition, intermittent fasting, exercise, thyroid disease, depression and anxiety, infertility, and pregnancy. She will give you interventions, techniques, and remedies to treat those conditions. She will interview leading experts in their fields, to give you the latest cutting-edge science on how to get healthy and stay healthy. If you’ve been looking for a functional gynecologist, you’ve found her! Please follow her on facebook at DrTabatha, on Instagram @thegutsygynecologist, and at
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