The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show

197: Get Ready to Look Younger for Life with Dr. Anthony Youn

January 02, 2024 Dr. Tabatha Season 5 Episode 197
The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show
197: Get Ready to Look Younger for Life with Dr. Anthony Youn
Show Notes

Not ready to start seeing those fine lines and wrinkles? Want to have that youthful, glowing skin you’ve been dreaming about? If so, then you don’t want to miss this episode! Today, Dr. Anthony Youn, the Holistic Plastic Surgeon, and author of the upcoming book, Younger for Life, joins me to chat about how even though aging is inevitable, there are things you can do starting right NOW, like his Autojuvenation process, to slow it down and keep your skin looking the best it can!
You’ll hear:

  • Different noninvasive ways to slow the aging process
  • Combining the holistic and conventional medicine techniques for the best outcomes
  • The 5 main causes of aging skin
  • Supplements our bodies are missing which are aging us faster
  • What chronic inflammation does to your skin
  • The dangers of ultra processed foods and sugar on aging
  • The type of "diet" that can help improve your skin
  • And more!

I know you’re itching to hear more! So grab some headphones and let’s dive in!

You can pre-order his book Younger for Life now!  

More about Dr. Youn:
Known as America's Holistic Plastic Surgeon®, Anthony Youn, M.D. F.A.C.S is a nationally-recognized, board-certified plastic surgeon. Recognized as a leader in his field, he is the author of the best-selling books “The Age Fix: A Leading Plastic Surgeon Reveals How To Really Look Ten Years Younger," "In Stitches: A Memoir," and “Playing God: The Evolution of a Modern Surgeon.” His public television special, The Age Fix with Dr. Anthony Youn, has been viewed by millions. Dr. Youn also hosts the popular podcast The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show. He is a social media star, with millions of followers on YouTube and TikTok. He is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Oakland University / William Beaumont School of Medicine.

Connect with Dr. Youn:

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