The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show

#190: You Need to Heal Your Gut to be Healthy!

October 24, 2023 Dr. Tabatha Season 4 Episode 190
The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show
#190: You Need to Heal Your Gut to be Healthy!
Show Notes

Did you know that your gut health determines your overall health? It's true! I just did a Masterclass on this and it’s really true that your gut health impacts everything – hormones, weight, mood, and our thoughts and relationship with food. Today, I’m sharing this call with you to help you understand what may be causing your gut issues and how you can start taking back your health! 

You'll hear more on: 

  • What the future of healthcare looks like
  • Why your gut health is key to overall health
  • The surprising medication that is killing your immune system (hint: everyone has taken this medication!)
  • How antacids are NOT actually helping you or your stomach
  • Why you actually need bacteria in your stomach and how to know if you have good or bad bacteria
  • And more!

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