The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show

#189: Why Muscle is the Secret Key to Longevity with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

October 17, 2023 Dr. Tabatha Season 4 Episode 189
The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show
#189: Why Muscle is the Secret Key to Longevity with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Show Notes

So many of us are struggling with our weight or just struggling to step into the next phase of life with vitality. On today’s episode, my guest is going to flip the idea of weight and health on its head and focus on the importance of skeletal muscle and how she believes that muscle is key to longevity. Muscle is an endocrine organ and it has so much to do with blood sugar regulation, energy production, and hormone regulation. So, let’s dive into today’s conversation with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon!

You’ll hear more about:

  • How the physical body determines how the rest of the body functions 
  • The one thing most people have in common when it comes their bodies (hint: it might just surprise you!)
  • Three big keys to why muscle is so important 
  • Why the "recommended" daily amounts for vitamins and minerals are NOT nearly enough (and how much you should be striving to get!)
  • The importance of the first and last meals of the day
  • And so much more!

Grab Dr Lyon's new book here: Forever Strong: A New Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well (Book):

More about Dr. Lyon:
Well-respected functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, is the founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine®. Dr. Lyon is a nationally recognized speaker and media contributor specializing in brain and thyroid health, lean body mass support, and longevity. 

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is board certified in Family Medicine and completed a combined research and clinical fellowship in Geriatrics and Nutritional Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. She completed her undergraduate training in Nutritional Sciences: Vitamin & Mineral Metabolism at the University of Illinois. Dr. Lyon is a subject matter expert and educator in the practical application of protein, types, and levels to health, performance, aging, and disease prevention. She has continued to receive mentorship from Dr. Donald Layman, Ph.D. over the course of two decades to help bring protein metabolism and nutrition from the bench to the bedside.

Her clinical practice services the leaders, innovators, mavericks, and executives in their respective fields. Dr. Lyon works closely with the Special Operations Military and has a private practice that services patients worldwide.

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