The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show

#180: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Health with Dr. Morgan Nolte

July 25, 2023 Dr. Tabatha Season 4 Episode 180
The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show
#180: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Health with Dr. Morgan Nolte
Show Notes

On this podcast, we can talk about all sorts of issues like insulin resistance, fasting, and other things to help you lose weight and get your body healthy, but if you hold on to limiting beliefs about what you can and cannot achieve, you won’t get very far. So today, we are going to talk about mindset with my guest, Dr. Morgan Nolte. Dr. Nolte is a board certified geriatric physical therapist who noticed while helping elderly patients recover from physical ailments that there were many common threads, including insulin resistance and inflammation, and set out to find the root causes.

We will discuss:

  • Understanding the importance of a low insulin diet as opposed to focusing on calorie count
  • How to keep your mindset in check - stop worrying about all the fears surrounding everything we do 
  • Developing your “why” and how that can help you stay on track
  • And more!

More about Dr. Nolte:
Dr. Nolte is the founder of Zivli, LLC. After earning her DPT from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, she completed the Creighton University-Hillcrest Health Systems Geriatric Physical Therapy Residency Program. Outside of work she loves cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers, spending time with her family, reading, exercising, and being active outside.

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