The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show

#146: The Benefits of Carboxytherapy with Lana Kerr

November 03, 2022 Dr. Tabatha Season 3 Episode 146
The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show
#146: The Benefits of Carboxytherapy with Lana Kerr
Show Notes

As women, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to rejuvenate the skin on our faces, but not a lot of time considering the health of our vaginal skin. I’m joined today by Lana Kerr, CEO of Lumisque, to talk about the use of carboxytherapy to improve overall vaginal health and sexual vitality. The introduction of CO2 into the vaginal triggers the body to send a rush of oxygenated blood to the area, bringing with it all of the nutrients in the bloodstream. From there, the healing begins!

You will hear:

  • How carboxytherapy works on multiple areas of the body
  • The benefits of improving your vaginal health
  • Who these products will benefit
  • And more!

More About Lana:
Lana Kerr has devoted her life to health and wellness, with over two decades of experience as a wellness coach, public speaker, business owner, and bestselling author. Her career in health includes owning weight loss centers which lead to her founding a skin care company Lumisque Skincare. Their flagship product line CO2LIFT is the first clinically proven gel Carboxytherapy. Lana is a Public speaker and Author. Her weight loss book, ‘What you must know- using hCG for weightloss was a best seller on Amazon. Lana is the owner and founder of Your Fat Loss Coach which through personal coaching and medically directed treatments helps her clients lose belly fat and bring their bodies back to balance.

Currently she is the CEO of Lumisque Skincare, home of CO2Lift Carboxy Gel. CO2Lift delivers carboxytherapy, a natural method for skin regeneration that uses carbon dioxide to hydrate and re-oxygenate the skin, creating hydration and firmness and lift. CO2Lift has developed a revolutionary way to apply this technology to vaginal rejuvenation. The pain-free CO2LiftV kits use carbon dioxide to regenerate vaginal cells, resulting in increased sensitivity, lubrication, and pleasure. This revolutionary method gives women a safe and effective option that they can use in the comfort of their own homes.

Lana sells happy relationships, improved self image and a higher quality of life for all women through her powerful CO2Lift Carboxy Treatments. Her vision is for all women to feel their worth, to own and value their femininity by taking care of their most intimate skin.

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