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#145: See Naturally Without Glasses with Claudia Muehlenweg

October 27, 2022 Dr. Tabatha Season 3 Episode 145
The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show
#145: See Naturally Without Glasses with Claudia Muehlenweg
Show Notes

Have you ever noticed that the more you wear your glasses or contacts the worse your vision is when you remove them? There’s a reason for that! Holistic vision specialist Claudia Muehlenweg shares her experiences growing up with glasses from a young age and how she determined the link between her physical and emotional health and her vision. She talks about how you can retrain your vision without corrective lenses or surgery.

You will hear:

  • How to improve your eye muscle health through diet, sunlight, and reducing stress
  • What’s triggering your worsening eyesight
  • Vision habits and exercises you can do in real time to improve your vision
  • And more!

More about Claudia:
Holistic vision teacher, Claudia Muehlenweg, began her journey with glasses before the tender age of three. As she grew, she dealt with many of the downfalls of wearing glasses, including bullying and a general feeling of unattractiveness. In her teenage years, she began playing sports where glasses were not allowed and noticed that after periods of not wearing them, she began to see better naturally. As time went on, she connected her emotional state to how clear her vision was. She heard about a Natural Vision Improvement Teacher Training and jumped on board. Her vision improved and she immersed herself in the study of eyesight. The more she learned, the more fascinated she became with vision, realizing it goes well beyond the eyeball.

From the moment she helped her very first client during her own training at the College of Vision Education in London, she knew this was what she was born to do. Since then she has helped many people improve their eyesight naturally and feel better overall. 

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