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#123: How You Can Start Feeling Better NOW with Jackie Bowker

June 02, 2022 Dr. Tabatha Episode 123
The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show
#123: How You Can Start Feeling Better NOW with Jackie Bowker
Show Notes

Do you want to get more in tune with your own body and take ownership for feeling better? This week’s guest, Jackie Bowker, is talking to us about breaking the momentum of feeling bad, the tools and strategies we need to “move the needle” on our own health baseline, and how to heal by living in your authentic self.

You will also hear…

  • Some of the major energy zappers that wear us down
  • How to work with your doctor or provider as a guide rather than a guru
  • Listening to and interpreting the signals in your body to fix your health
  • Changing the way you talk about and to yourself about your health and your body,
  • And more!

More about Jackie:
Jackie Bowker is a health expert who has a unique ability to 'read' what's going on in your body, she offers rapid transformation of limiting beliefs, self sabotaging behaviors, and a protocol to rebalance your biology so you can claim your power, connect with your own intuition, recognize that you have limitless potential and live the life you were supposed to. 

She is the CEO of the Global Feel Better Institute and a Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Scientist who specializes in high-level intuitive guidance for entrepreneurs, business owners and ambitious professionals. She is the Creator of the Bad-To-Better Process, an award winning Functional Medicine Nutritionist and PSYCH-K facilitator. Jackie passionately believes everybody has limitless potential and once they feel better, can connect to their own intuition to live their greatest life and be of service to others. 

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