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#119: What Food Actually Does to Your Body with Devin Stone

April 21, 2022 Dr. Tabatha Episode 119
The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show
#119: What Food Actually Does to Your Body with Devin Stone
Show Notes

Do you know what’s in the food you’re eating? Is it possible that it might be doing more harm than good even if you think it’s healthy? My guest today, Devin Stone, joins me to talk about what the food you're eating is actually doing to your body and easy ways to improve the way you eat!

We talk more on…

  • The one common theme Devin sees with his clients
  • Getting back to basics
  • What it takes to have a properly functioning body
  • How to know if you’re taking good quality supplements
  • Where to look first when it comes to the foods you eat
  • Using food to help or harm your body
  • The right foods to support proper liver function
  • Devin’s favorite foods for B Vitamins
  • Phytonutrients (and how to incorporate more of them into your diet)
  • Debunking myths created by the food industry
  • And more!

More about Devin:
Devin Stone is the founder of Stone Naturals. Over a decade ago he started a well known integrative medicine clinic in Hollywood, California. During that time he had the opportunity to work with many athletes, celebrities, and other amazing people. Devin then went on to learn Regenerative Medicine from the University Utrecht in the Netherlands. And he is now working towards becoming a Naturopathic doctor. 

During his professional development, food quickly became a central theme in his life for many reasons. One being the biggest reasons being that he saw many patients over the years that had ailments that could be linked back to lifestyle choices; and more often than not, it was the food they were consuming. With the food system as a culprit to so much disease, Devin found it important to teach people how to eat real food again.

Besides the medicinal benefits food can provide, it has also been an
outlet for myself. Food has been my art. It allows me to partner flavors,
smells, colors and touch so many senses. It’s during this time of
cooking I can let loose and explore the wonders of the culinary world.

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