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#113: Is Estrogen Really a B*tch? A Look at Estrogen Dominance with Kate Vazquez

March 24, 2022 Dr. Tabatha Episode 113
The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show
#113: Is Estrogen Really a B*tch? A Look at Estrogen Dominance with Kate Vazquez
Show Notes

Do you know how your hormones are impacted by your diet? By your lifestyle choices? By pretty much everything you do? If you’re thinking that sounds crazy then you must listen to today’s episode! Today, Kate Vazquez joins me to talk about what estrogen dominance is and what you can do to get your hormones in balance!

We talk about…

  • What made her want to write her book, Estrogen Is A Bitch
  • Reasons why estrogen dominance is more prevalent than ever
  • The importance of the liver in managing your estrogen levels 
  • Kate’s 2 go-to health tests for this issue
  • One big sign that you might have an estrogen dominance problem
  • Maintaining good bacteria in your gut 
  • Learning to adapt to the stressors in your life
  • Getting rid of the toxins in your everyday life
  • Kate’s tips for getting back in tune with your body
  • And more!

More About Kate:
Kate is a functional medicine Physician Assistant who is the founder of Radiant Health and an award winning author. She loves to empower high performance women to reclaim their health and vitality so that they can become the confident leader they aspire to be. Through her book, Estrogen Is A B*tch, she brings awareness to estrogen dominance. She teaches women how to naturally balance hormones and use their cycle as their superpower. Kate teaches women how to connect to themselves from within and tap into their feminine energy at the highest level so that they can create a life by design.  When she isn’t helping people upgrade their health, she likes to play beach volleyball, travel the world, spend time in nature, and practice yoga.

Connect with Kate:
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Kate’s Instagram: @katevazquez_pa

Want to learn more about estrogen dominance? You can grab Kate’s new book, Estrogen Is A Bitch, here to find out more!

You can also grab her Estrogen Reset Course here.

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