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#103: Detoxifying Your Body and Environment with Bridgit Danner

February 17, 2022 Dr. Tabatha Season 3 Episode 103
The Gutsy Gynecologist™️ Show
#103: Detoxifying Your Body and Environment with Bridgit Danner
Show Notes

You’ve been struggling with health issues. You’ve gone down the road of seeing all the doctors and specialists, but still have no answers. You’re ready to give up. But this episode might just give you the hope you need!

My guest, Bridgit Danner, suffered from a chronic illness for years before finding out that toxic mold was behind it. Once she finally figured it, she flipped the script on it. She has now helped thousands of others recover from the same issues she had. And today she’s sharing how you can detoxify not only your body but your environment too. There are so many golden nuggets in this episode, you don’t want to miss it!

On this podcast we talk more on…

  • The top 2 ways to optimize your health daily
  • Simple way to improve detox pathways in your body
  • Foods that support liver function (and in turn, detoxification)
  • What dry brushing is and how it can help you and your skin
  • Detox supplement recommendations 
  • Bridgit’s favorite way to detoxify your body
  • Easy ways to improve your environment 
  • Mold’s effects on your hormones

Bridgit is a licensed acupuncturist and certified diagnostic practitioner. She had a thriving integrative wellness practice in Portland, Oregon, but she developed an environmental illness due to her toxic mold in her home. She lost everything due to the toxic mold and had to move 1,000 miles away to Arizona to heal her body. And even though she was  experienced in hormone management, nutrition and such, it took this illness for her to become acutely aware of the powerful impact the environment has on your health. Bridgit now educates others about toxins and detoxification through a functional approach in her online community. She has a FREE masterclass coming out next week called the Toxic Mold Masterclass.

To learn more about the masterclass and how you can join, go to:

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Instagram: @bridgit.danner
Facebook: @womenswellnesscollaborative
YouTube: Hormone Detox Shop

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